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MP-SWCD 2018 Spring Sale!


Are your fish numbers low? Are the fish floating on the water instead of swimming around?? Are your flower beds looking a bit….dead? Thinking about a windbreak?? Maybe it’s time to restock, plant and replant!! Contact the Marshall-Putnam Soil & Water Conservation District in Henry for more information.


For fish - all you have to do is determine what you’d like in your pond, place your order and come share in the adventure of restocking your pond. For trees and plants – all you have to do is decide what you think would look best and place an order!


Have a large fish order?? Call the office for direct delivery options or click this link: Delivery Information



Want to email me your order? Pay for it on delivery day!

Check, cash or money order ONLY.

Email me your order form!


We have the following publications available for purchase at a reasonable price.  They make great gifts!


Pocket Naturalist Guides Available @ $8.00 each:

                      Edible Wild Plants

                      Reptiles & Amphibians

                      Butterflies & Moths


                      Animal Tracks

                      Roadside Flowers

                      Bugs & Slugs

                      Pond Life


Critter of Illinois Pocket Guide @ $8.00 each


Native Prairie Plant Seedling ID Guide @ $7.00 each


Tall grass Prairie Wildflowers @ $20.00 each


Identifying Turf  & Weedy Grasses @ $8.00 each


Illinois Trees, Fish and Birds @ $15.00 each respectively


We can also order copies of A Sand County Almanac; 50 ways a Farmer can Protect their Groundwater.

Here are the important dates:


For Trees and plants:

All orders must be placed by the close of business on April 13th.


For Fish Sales:

All Grass Carp orders must be placed by the close of business on April 4th.


For all other fish, orders must be placed by the close of business on April 13th.






The trees and plants will be available for pick up on April 19th & 20th - during business hours or anytime after that with special arrangements.


The fish pick up is Thursday, April 19th @7am. All fish will be bagged by order EXCEPT all 8-10” fish. For these fish, please bring pond water in buckets or big containers. For all bagged fish, please bring coolers, totes or baskets to transport fish. This way bags do not lose oxygen during transport.


Please be here approximately 15-20 minutes early to reconcile your account and confirm your order.  If you arrive late, the fish truck WILL NOT wait for you.


**WALLEYE SALES** Walleye is a FALL ONLY Sale. We will be having a walleye sale this year. The date is TO BE DETERMINED but should be within the first 2 weeks of November.


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