Regional Conservation Partnership Program

Do you own or operate ground in Marshall or Putnam County?? Do you have a waterway that needs redone or basins that need installed?? Have you ever thought about how to enhance your farming operation or implementing cover crops? You need to come into the office and inquire about our new program.

The Marshall-Putnam SWCD has been awarded a $1.5 million in RCPP money to be dedicated exclusively to Marshall and Putnam Counties. RCPP allows for 75% cost-share on conservation practices within the program.  This money will be used for conservation projects, soil health, water and air quality improvements, nutrient loss reduction strategies and more through the EQIP and CSP programs.  There will also be Educational Events and site tour days.

Some examples of projects that could be funded through RCPP are:

Waterways; Basins/Terraces; Water an Sediment Control Structures; Nutrient Management; Cover Crops and more!