The LUC 2 Envirothon is a competition that focuses on five environmental topics – Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife and a Current Environmental Issue. The five member teams will prepare for the competition by reviewing the study materials selected by local professionals in each of the fields. They will also prepare a poster and presentation on the Current Environmental Issue. On the day of the event, the professionals will present on their topic and then issue a written test to each Envirothon team. Schools may have 2 teams compete – a Non-FFA student team, an FFA student team or a combination of 1 of each. The three top-scoring teams will present their Current Environmental Issue presentation to a panel of 3 judges. The oral presentation component challenges students to effectively apply and communicate a solution to a complex environmental issue. The top overall team (Top non-FFA and top FFA) advances on to the Illinois Envirothon competition. The top overall team at the state level advances to the North American Envirothon competition held in a different state every year. Envirothon is much more than a competition. It is a fun, team-based program designed to help students better understand their environment through exploration of ecology, natural resource management, and current environmental issues.

Illinois Envirothon Website

National Envirothon Website