Marshall-Putnam SWCD Annual Fish Sale

We are happy to announce our annual fish sale! Due to rising costs and other untimely events, the district will no longer be holding a tree & plant sale. There are other county SWCD’s that do hold these sales. Please call and get information if you’d like it – you do not have to live in that county to purchase.

The fish sale will be held as it was last year. The fish truck will be out in front of the building at 8am.


Have a large fish order?? Call the office for direct delivery options or click this link: Delivery Information


Want to email me your order? Pay for it on delivery day!

Check, cash or money order ONLY.

Email me your order form!

Important Dates

All fish orders MUST be placed by March 24th, 2023.

The fish pick up is April 7th, 2023 – 8am, in front of the USDA building.

Please be timely. The fish truck will NOT wait on you. If you need custom quantities, please call the office before you order.

All fish over 6” will need pond water to be transported. Please bring totes, baskets, coolers etc. with water in them.

All fish under 6” will be bagged. Please bring something to secure the bags in your vehicle.

We accept cash, check or money order only.


We have the following publications available for purchase at a reasonable price. They make great gifts!

Pocket Naturalist Guides Available @ $8.00 each:
Edible Wild Plants
Reptiles & Amphibians
Butterflies & Moths
Animal Tracks
Roadside Flowers
Bugs & Slugs
Pond Life

Critter of Illinois Pocket Guide @ $8.00 each

Native Prairie Plant Seedling ID Guide @ $7.00 each

Tall grass Prairie Wildflowers @ $20.00 each

Identifying Turf & Weedy Grasses @ $8.00 each

Illinois Trees, Fish and Birds @ $15.00 each respectively

We can also order copies of A Sand County Almanac; 50 ways a Farmer can Protect their Groundwater.